**Kingroot is one of the most powerful android rooting apps out there and it is capable of ****rooting wide varieties of different **brandedandroid device including many Samsung, hTC, MTK androids etc.
**Now it happens that you have roo
ted that your android devices with Kingroot but you want to unroot it maybe because youwant to carry out update/upgrade or you wantto carry out a factory reset, or you just want to unroot forany other reason best known to  you.The question now is how do you go about unrooting yourdevice? **
If you want to unroot your Kingroot rooted android device, then follow the simplified steps below;Must

Make sure you have good internet connection on the phone you want to unroot= =>
You know that when you rooted your android with Kingroot, theKingUserapp was installed on your device.= =>
Locate and open the installed KingUser app from your phone menu= => Click the settings icon located at the top right hand side of the open KingUser= => Then scroll down toRemove Root Permissionand click on it – a message will pop up
**"**alerting you that your device will return back to normal when you clear root.= => Go ahead and click on the clear tab and wait for some seconds as your device gets unrooted.