1. IC chips used in computers are
usually made of

(a) Lead
(b) Silicon
(c) Chromium
(d) Gold

ANSWER- (b) Silicon

2. One kilobyte is equal to

(a) 1000 bytes
(b) 100 bytes
(c) 1024 bytes
(d) 1023 bytes

ANSWER-  (c) 1024 bytes

3. Which supercomputer is developed
by the Indian Scientists?

(a) Param
(b) Super 301
(c) Compaq Presario

**   ANSWER-  (a) Param**

5. One Gigabyte is Approximately
equal is

(a) 1000,000 bytes
(b) 1000,000,000 bytes
(c) 1000,000,000,000 bytes
(d) None of THESE

ANSWER-****(b)1000,000,000 bytes

6. The errors that can be pointed out
by the compiler are
(a) Syntax error
(b) Symantic error
(c) Logical error
(d) Internal error

ANSWER- (a) Syntax error

7. What is the control unit’s function in
the CPU

(a) To transfer data to primary storage
b) To store program instructions.
(c) To perform logic functions.
(d) To decode program instructions.

ANSWER- (c) To perform logic functions.

8. Who invented microprocessor ?
a. Joseph Jacquard
b. Herman H Goldstein
c. Marcian E Huff
d. George Boole

Answer is -(c) Marcian E Huff

9 .INI extention refers to which kind of** file?**

a. Image file
b. System file
c. Hypertext related file
d. Image color matching profile file

Answer -(b)System File

10. Who built the world’s first binary digit computer ?

a. Alan Turing
b. Konrad Zuse
c. George Boole
d. Ken Thompson

Answer -(b) Konrad Zuse

11.What is VCM ?
a. Virtual Connection Manager
b. Virtual Channel Memory
c. Video Controlled Modem
d. Voice Connection Module

Answer -(b) Virtual Channel Memory

12. Who co - founded Hotmail in 1996
and then sold the company to
microsoft ?

a. Shawn Fanning
b. Ada Byron Lovelace
c. Sabeer Bhatia
d. Ray Tomlinson
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Answer-(c) Sabeer Bhatia

14.What was the first ARPANET

a. Hello world
b. Cyberspace, the final frontier
c. mary has a little lamp
d. Lo

Answer -(d) Lo

15. Where are the headquarters of
Microsoft located ?

a. Santa Clara
b. Tucson
c. Redmond
d. Richmond

Answer -(a) Santa Clara

16. What does DOCSIS stands for ?

a. Data over cable service internet
b. Data over cable security internet
c. Data over cable secure international
d. Data over cable service interface

Answer is D

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