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In this article, we’ll see a trick which can be used to find  anyone’s WiFi credentials if there device is rooted.



2-ROOT BROWSER (Or any file manager)

Assuming the targeted device connected has already connected to some WiFis.
Well,this article can be also named as; ‘How to find lost WiFi passwords in a rooted device’.

So if your friend’s device is rooted and he has  a WiFi router; you can simply find the password of his Accesspoint without any software by playing a small drama. Social engineering lol ;-)

Anyway, let’s begin the process.
For a better result,  please follow up my steps carefully. Firstly, assuming your friend’s device is rooted. 

I’m here using ‘ROOT BROWSER’.
If you don’t have Root browser,
you can download it from here


I’m also assuming you got physical access to your friend’s rooted phone.
Now only you have to do is to open up the root browser and allow the Root permission. Well, if his device already root permission,he must have installed any file managers. Well that’s what geeks do after rooting.

After allowing the root permission,


After opening MISC, You will get a folder called WIFI. All the Datas and information regarding your wireless network  are stored here.So you could  also find your WiFi key that you had already connected.

From the WIFI folder, you will get a file called ‘WPA_SUPPLICANT. CONF’

Just open the file with any Notepads.
There  you can see the whole details of routers that you had connected along with passwords represented as ‘PASS’ .

Yes you successfully found your forgotted WiFi router password without requering any software.
It’s very simple.

By using the same trick, you can also find your friend’s, neighbour’s password.

But there’s also an easy way around.

Just download this app ‘Wifi password viewer’ and allow root access.

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