Welcome to yet another article.
In this article we are going to play with some Android security stuff and some system files. Now I’m assuming that your device is rooted. 

We all know that rooting makes our device vulnerable. By taking advantage of this vulnerability, hackers can install ‘Malewares,Trojans in our device.

In this article I’m taking advantage of android pattern key/password key
vulnerability in a rooted device.
 By this method, you can simply bypass android passcodes or patterns in android if the victim’s device is rooted.

So let’s move forward  and see how this works. 

DD any file manager. But I prefer 

‘Root browser’ or ‘ES file Explorer’.

You can download Root browser  from here [[DOWNLOAD]]

So let’s move..

First of all open ‘ROOT BROWSER’ and Open the root directory.
 In that moment a popup will appear asking the ‘SU PERMISSION’. Now tap ‘ALLOW’!

  Assuming that you are in root directory.

From that directory, open the folder


Now find the files named as 


 Yes. With ‘.key’ extension.

Gesture.key is the one would be there if you are using a pattern as security.

But if you are having a passphrase,this is
password. key . Once you see it,just  delete those.

After deleting those files,if you would open up your security settings,you could still notice a PATTERN/PIN OR PASSCODE.

Well this is just a dummy security now. Because we already deleted the key.

You can just go ahead and use any code or pattern to unlock it.

Or if go to SETTINGS-SECURITY ,there you would notice the security level turned to

Which means, you have successfully unlocked the device.😊


So, Happy Hacking  !!😎