C++ a powerful and widely using program in the world. But the compilation isn’t that platform independent. In wi****ndows,we are using Turbo c++ ,Borland c++ in common.

If you are a coder,and do like to to keep your programing environment in your hands;you can follow this tutorial. This is possible if you have an android device with you. Basically,this is an older stuff. And seems like I’m bit late to post this thing here.

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**Yes, we can execute,compile,and debug our programs using ‘ANDOSBOX’ on android. We have to  thank to the ‘**DosBox team for their wonderful effort.

You can run ‘DosBox’ from Android 2.3x . From ‘HoneyComb’ & up.
First of all download the DosBox and its utility  package from the below link without any redirects ;-)

** Its a zip file, so you have to extract it.**
**After extracting, you will get 3 files. **

One is a folder called ‘TC’ then a utility file and  finally the ‘AnDosBox’ app as well.

Now you have to move the folder ‘TC’ to your /Internal storage.

Also, it should be an independent folder.

**Which means,it shouldn’t be in a sub directory in /internal **

Eg: /internal/TC

Because,the compiler have to access the ‘TC’ location. So we are putting it as an independent folder.

Okay after moving ‘TC’,
You have to install the ‘AnDosBox’ app which you got when you extracted the file.

Right,we are almost done. The rest steps are easy.**

Now open the ‘DosBox’ app the typ this command without errors.

****CD BIN


The ‘CD’ command basically pointing to TC from folder.


The ‘TC’ is the folder that we****got after extracting** our zip.**

TC is a utility folder.T****he compiler have to locate it. So TC command is mandatory.

After entering this commands. You will get the compiler window**. Thereby you can enjoy coding In your smartphone. Whenever you need to reopen the app,you must enter above 3 lines of commands.**
You have the option for Run,Debug,Compile and more.
The file must be saved before executing. Well,that’s all about it.
Happy coding ;-)