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In this article let’s have a look at how we are actually able to crack WPA/WPS secured routers .

Well that’s specific. We are only dealing with WPA/WPS P networks.

(See below screenshot)

In simple words,you could easily get the password of WPA/WPS secured network if you have a rooted android device.



WARNING: By rooting your device, you are disabling all kinds of inbuilt securities in your device. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!


BUSYBOX’ consists of some basic Unix scripts  that is very essential for tweaking our device.Install any one of the compatible versions of BusyBox on your device by installing ‘BusyBox’ App.



This app have the ability to penetrate through your wifi network if your has enabled wps security.

Especially networks like WPA/WPS.

If your company handles some secret datas then, it is always a wise choice to remove  the wifi modem to make sure that your privacy is  not threatened.


That’s all about the prerequisites.

We can now move forward.

Open your device ‘WPS TESTER’ app and tap on the icon at the top to turn on the wifi automatically.

Now you would see the whole networks available in your area.

Among those;if you note any wifi with a green lock,   then more likely that’s breakable.

The red specifies that the network has no wps entry. Means it’s safe from attacks.

So,we have to target the green one.

Now select your target and hit

 ’try to connect (root)’ option at the bottom.

Allow the root permission.

This time it will try all almost all breakable algorithms to connect the network.

Make sure that you are in inrage.

But i prefer atleast -60 & above.

Here in this process you need to be patient.You must have to wait 10-15 minutes.

Basically most times we have to try over and over again.

If it dosent works; tap ’try to connect’ again.

(Try at least 5 times).

Anyway, i got the password after trying about 8times. So you have to be patient.

After this time you will get the password if you really did the prerequisites and other steps carefully.In my case,I got the 30 network’s password by now.

Happy cracking;-)

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