So as you all know that PHP is a server based programming language. Which means it can be only execute with the help of a web server.

**Not only a server based one. Also,PHP is a platform independent language.  Which means, it can be executed on every  platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are using’ Android, linux or windows’. **

And Today on this this tutorial,  I will tell you ‘how to execute php programs on android’.


*Minimum 50MB of free space on Internal storage.

That’s all about the prerequisite.

**Now let’s move. **

In This demonstration,i’m using  ‘Palapa PHP’ app for Android.

Install and open the app. Now install the dependencies by tapping the install button.

After everything done. Tap on ‘start all services’.

**After starting all services, it will bring some informations on the screen. **

**The primary step is to note your PORT ADDRESS provided on the screen. **
The default port address will be 8080. And the default IP address is

**The Palapa web server will create a folder called ‘PWS’ on your /sdcard **

Now locate the PWS folder and save your program in /www folder  in .PHP extension.

Finally,  just open your web browser.

After opening the browser,  type

http://localhost:8080 and file name in the end.

**For eg: **


The port is customisable. So you could choose any available port.

And this is how to compile PHP program on android. So I hope your programming will be more simple now. A portable PHP environment is always good.
So, ‘Happy Coding’ !!