Lets have a small look at Android internal structure.

Android comes with a different  architecture.

Android library consist of

*surfaces manager

And more.

But the way that android stores an application’s data is through sqlite database. It executes through dvm  and essential application’s data are stored in the form of sqlite.

NOTE: We are not  deeply diving into exploit SQL databases. This is just a tutorial on how you can access the databases.Anyway,I will prepare a new article on how to exploit SQL Lite databases on Android.

just download  ‘sqlitemanager’ app for android.


You can find these database files in this directory.


Or you can also access it via


Before getting any further, there is a prerequisite. You need proper root access to do this stuff. Else you should find some other various methods for getting into those databases. You could also do it by decompiling in a PC.

 For this procedure, we are using our android device.

Now, open the app and allow root access. Then;
Navigate to the database folder that i had already mentioned. You can only open the files which have the extension .db

For eg: db.database, password.db

And from there,open and edit those sqlite datas and save it. By this way, you can hack some datas of applications. Specifically,game scores and more. Anyway I am making an article regarding that.

For more, follow this post.  I’ll soon post the updated version of this post. 

Happy Hacking;-)