Yes,its possible. Terminal can also these kind of stuffs. It can also intercept webpage elements. Same as like a browser could do in a PC.There are also  some other easy way to get those. Simply by going to

An other alternative way is by downloading apps like ‘VT Source Viewer’.

But think about the terminal window with that cheeky green window. I just love to have it.

We are using ‘wget’ command. And if you are unaware of wget command. Just open terminal and type

‘Wget -h’      Without quotes

In this demonstration I am taking    

which doesn’t have HTTPS at current moment.

Amazon. In is a popular online shopping platform. And I’m still laughing by seeing that ‘’ doesn’t have  SSL.

Alright now, just open terminal. You don’t need any root  access to do this stuff. And which is good.

Now type

Wget -qO-

The -q means ‘quiet’

And -O means ‘save the file’. Also the ‘O’ should be a big letter ‘O’

Here we need these both.

After this command,  

 Wget -qO-

You will get the complete source code of a website with nothing to hide ;-)

Also try this one

But let’s have a look of

 Wget -qO-

“you don’t have the permission to get into this directory ,Access denied.”

And what you got?

“Connection rest by peers”. And if you notice the output very clearly, you could see something like SSL helper connection reset by the peers.
Which I already mentioned about it. In this case, the server has sent you a RST packet, which indicates an immediate dropping of the connection, rather than the usual handshake. 

But this problem is specific for BusyBox version of Android. You could use Wget in Your Termux by

pkg install wget -y

And Start intercepting elements as I said above. Most BusyBox version modules seems bit outdated. That’s the reason. 

Happy hacking!