When I started blogging, I was changing my domain frequently. I wasn’t satisfied  with any. Finally, I fixed to go with techcraft.tk domain. And, I used it for very long time. Made few pages to promote that blog. I was passionate about blogging at that time more than now. For some reason, I couldn’t continue doing blogging. So, after very long time, here I’m am. Changed domain again to bensh4. I really liked this username and I sorta wanted to make this everywhere. That’s why I again changed to bensh4. I was worried about AdSense because of this continuous changing. Because I stopped blogging then, I didn’t bother about that much. My advice for a new blogger(or any starter) would be like; You have to be really sure about what you’re doing and will do. Choose something (username for eg:) and don’t tend to change it. 

༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ

Good luck for you!