The title is obvious. Everyone loves Flask as a small web framework. As of now, all my projects are built with flask. Including 

Few have asked what did i use for XREP. Yes, it is flask again. Idk why it’s so easier to get started with something and can’t be more easier. 

For me Django is framework which works out of the box and has many more features. But if the idea of our application is complex at the backend and less fancy frontend with no db, login.. flask is the option. 

Also, Jinja makes life easier as well. 

The most beautiful thing i like about flask is the ease of handling routes. And I’d argue that it is why most people like flask.. 

When I used flask in Remotor project. Tbh it was hard for me to setup the login things and user account creation and one moment i regret using flask than Django. But it may be because I don’t have much exposure in user account handling with flask and may be easier for others..

I believe people who are getting into application and development must understand how easy is flask if they have an idea to build a system and if they think the web app build time is expensive and hard..

It’s Friday… have a very good weekend :)