Hellow πŸ‘‹

I’m Ben Shaji, a 24yo Software Engineer from Kochi, Kerala. Welcome to my space on the internet. Here my friend, I do rant, write random posts, and some intellectual stuff.

Are you working now?

Yes! for a service-based software company in the Engineering/Dev department. My team is specializes on Embeded and IoT systems where my job will be to fill the gap between software and hardware.

This includes working with MODBUS, MQTT, Linux networking, scripting/automation, while leading dev of building a core IoT systems monitoring software.

I mean, I really do enjoy my job very well. Its adventurous!! :D

Why/What is this website about

My first website was started at 2014. If you’ve been following me on YouTube or Blogger, I used to write tech news and some other skiddie stuffs. Still, writing online was something cool at that time. Thanks to Blogger!

I should say many of my old articles were very unmatured. So, I had to delete them. Still I kept some of them tagged under “tech-old”.

This website is powered by Hugo and hosted on Cloudflare pages. Thanks to papermod theme and its amazing contributors.

Other notes

All content on this blog is my own work. Feel free to share or repost anything, please give credit by mentioning the source and linking back to this blog. Thanks for the visit!



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