It has been more than 6 years since I started my Blogger journey. Blogspot indeed was/is a good way to start any static website from scratch and get it done in minutes. It felt very convenient for me over the years and also the settings and configs are also very intuitive.

Not so long ago, I saw a cookie pop-up on my blogger which I did notice when someone told me. I was sure that I did nothing to show a cookie banner. Idk why but, it kind of made me think “this is not my stuff and I do not fully own it”. And it was one of the many reasons I wanted to switch. I had some political opinions which I wanted to share but afraid about Google policies applied to Blogspot. Over the time, it really shook me and made me think “why do I use Linux, FOSS, etc..?” That’s when I really took the time to switch. I backed up all my posts from Blogger since 2016 and converted it to Markdown and made a video on YouTube about the process just in-case if someone wants to switch immediately without much research.

My plan was to make a Flask app having all my blog posts. Later I decided to settle with Hugo as it’s fast (written in Go). Later , I took some time to learn some Markdown. The one thing I miss is a good CMS like Blogger used to have. I’ve installed Markor app for Android if in-case I want to write in Android.

Anyways, now when I write this post, I have a feel that I fully own this website and consider this as my space on the internet having a lot more freedom. I hate Twitter BTW. But I consider that many people use it to share valuable information/news and which is what keeps me stay there. You cannot expect “freedom of speech :D” on a private server owned by companies. I recommend starting a new site by yours and share your thoughts with no fear of being monitored.

BTW, I also bought a new .COM which I really, really wanted. The .TK domain is good too. But .COM well suits for my username.

Anyways, it’s Friday again. Have a very nice weekend!