May be I’m too distracted. But, Fu*k any movies, series or any such crap showing smoking and shamelessly says that it causes lung cancer.

I’m not those “Social activists” or any such people who would raise arguments on any things others do. I don’t involve in anyone’s privacy. Because I’d like to give them their own space. But things like addiction is something someone don’t want instead mindlessly doing it.

Kids today are followed by social media trends, movies and all such crap. I’ll say they are distracted and influenced by these garbage. I won’t be going into too much, because you can understand what I’m saying. I’m not going into any statistics about how miserable is their life.

Movies or series or any such crap shows smoking and with the microscope level notice that it causes lung cancer. They have no fucking clue that these kids are watching and influenced by it. Yes, most movies nowadays are UA (age <13 watch with caution). There’s this main character often smokes after a swag scene. it’s awful af.

I don’t need to convince you or show any statistics on the fact that children below 18 are smoking. The movie, series trend even spread across social medias like instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Infact Instagram (instascam) is the one thing I really hate in my life. Wtf are they trying to achieve by short videos which is again can be classified into A. I won’t be going into Instagram scam.

May be because I’m a boomer. I feel sorry for every childern out there who are trying to stay in balance in this noisy world of chaos. What we (matured people) show is what they are. You don’t need to go to school to understand that it causes lung cancer and It’s fatal. I understand smoking once, twice a month. But it eventually makes a habit. How you convince me that it’s not the case? Because, for the people having it once, twice a month is understandable and can be ignored. You see I’m not fully against it if you are matured and can control yourself. But kids are simple brains. They will hang on to any habit. They don’t know how to think.

I’ll add this too. Movies (not all) and social media are really making a generation by teaching how to think, walk and do things. You should be matured to understand that they are not promoting smoking. If you can understand such, you can watch any movie.

Dear kids, don’t be that person who would imitate some crap movie character by replacing yours. It’s the worst thing you could do to your life. Everyone is trying to fix existing health issues. Why would you want to invite others on to this..? If you have/had it very rarely, you know its controlled. But when something goes wrong on one side of your life, your habit becomes the relief. Ask any man to know it’s meaning.

I wish you a very good weekend. 🕶️