This is intentional. If you guys know me from the start of the time when I had “” (my old tech blog), it was roughly around 2016-2018, but later on, i had decided to change the domain. The point is, for each post, i saw many spam or rather irrelevant comments which makes me few people are so dump. They might be putting comments on “crypto” or “pay me I’ll hack social accounts…so on..”

I used to think that it’s too normal in a public comment box. People are not taking accounts on any platform using their own ID, it’s random and hence there is no form of validation to determine anyone. Some others may be spreading toxic comments too.

At some point in time, i have decided to disable comment box in my blog. Did it affect a chance for people to share their opinion? No, i will not say that anymore. Take YT for example, people used to say anything, anyone can. But that is YT, and it’s “used to be that way”. Everyone knows it’s normal daily toxicity. But, i don’t want any such in my website.

Say, I’m writing a controversial blog criticizing my government in some ways. I said it because, i set my website’s rule. It’s not under anyone’s policy except mine. Assume I’ve comment box enabled where anyone with an account on GitHub/disquis can comment and say anything. Surely, you don’t want to hear those toxic comments and deal with such. Of-course there are very on-point and decent opinions as well, but that filtration needs my validation.

The best way to get good feedback/opinions

You might have guessed by now, I’m suggesting ‘E-mail’. Say people used to read your/my blog. If they are sincere and want to reply or write feedback for real, they will write you E-mail saying “I read the blog, my opinion about it is… on”.

It’s important to note that, the people who are not lazier, who don’t comment just for commenting something, will only take the time to write such an E-mail and share their opinion. So, i do value such opinions and i believe they really mean to say it since they took the time to write that. What you’ve just done is a level of spam filtration. You are now only seeing comments/opinions from people and not from bots.

With all that said, i hope you’ll share your opinions and feedback via my email [email protected] and I’m happy to have a discussion. With that said, I’m wishing you a great week ahead. Do your best!