As you already know about XREP, while some others have used it as testers. I was expecting the release of XREP by the end of this month. But It’s not going to be the case. As of now, I’m in the middle of many things and can’t give proper focus to it.

The last commit was on 5th of May. There are not many things left. Infact the Python-re version is making some headache to me.

Meanwhile, there were few people who suggested me to make this software for sale. They have given valid reasons why it’s good for me. I couldn’t agree with them anymore. At the same time, i know that this software isn’t matured for the market.

Tbh, I’m proud about XREP although it’s not a big thing. It’s only crafted for specific tasks. It’s not made for solving every regular expression problems. This is infact a misunderstanding. All this is to say that, XREP is not a perfect software. It has its own limitations. I will discuss more about this in a future article. Let me make one more point. XREP is not using any third party libraries for generating regex patterns. Infact it’s not even using any regex libraries at all. The only thing helps me well is the itertools lib. It’s a gem. If I don’t use it, i would end up with long, confusing code.

Now with all that said, i would like to ask you that, if anyone is willing to test the beta version, kindly email me so that you can help me to find bugs and fix it, and make it more usable. The mobile interface is more responsive and usable now, than we had in previous versions. Btw, here is a small demo of XREP v03.

That’s all. I hope everything is going well for you. Do your best! 👍