An opensource POSIX-ERE and Python regular expression generator.


Status: Beta v0.3

Tech used: Python, JavaScript, Flask


Enterprise IoT management toolkit with multi-tenancy support built for handling large scale users, devices and resources.

Status: Proprietary software

Tech used: Django, React, Retool, MQTT, MODBUS, OpenWRT, AWS - Lambda, API-gateway, RDS, SES, Celery+RMQ, misc…


Advanced object detection for industrial thermal sensing integrated with easy calibration. The calibration settings from a simple GUI helps to use any cam/sensor with minor changes in settings.

Status: Proprietary software

Tech used: Python, Tensorflow, Numpy, Matplotlib, OpenCV, JavaScript, Thermal-sensor (esxxx)

Alertman (formerly Raven Insight)

A Simple and scalable alert manager for time-series data. Eg: Fuel, Temp, Pressure and more. Rules are set from a custom rule builder. These rules are evaluated and managed by Raven.

Status: Proprietary software

Tech used: Python, Js, Lambda, AWS SNS


Serverless,P2P messenger and filesharing over IPv6.

REST-API https://spmv4nill4.herokuapp.com

Status: v0.2


Tech used: Python, Websockets, Javascript, Tracker (PIPE6 address mapper)


IoT control system: River cleaning boat - sensor, motor command via Raspberry Pi over IPv6: by @b3nsh4, @nithin27 (github)


Status: v1.0

Tech used: Raspberry PI-3, SQLite, ESP32


A nonprofit weather lookup service which fetch from different API services and try to give out an accurate results in Malayalam.


Status: v0.2

Tech used: Flask, Proxy

Android as a VPS

A walkthrough of how i made my android phone into a VPS (public accessible) and hosted apps, vpn and more.


Status: Part-1/2

Other projects..

Some small projects/scripts that i use can be found in Github.