New update for Groove music app on Windows 10 mobile store

Microsoft updates its groove music app on Windows 10 mobile. The new update brings fluent design to the app . This update was made available to windows insiders earlier. This gives blurry backgrounds which looks much better. Download Groove music update See screenshots below

June 1, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is planning to start rolling out its Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on April 25th, but not many handsets will actually receive it. ZDNet reports that a small subset of Windows phones will receive the update.ZDNet has published a list of the 13 devices that are expected to receive the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update: Alcatel IDOL 4S Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL HP Elite x3 Lenovo Softbank 503LV...

April 16, 2017

Developer Nick Lee hacked Iphone to run Android

Wow ‘Nick Lee’ You are really awesome! ! Regards from TechCraft :-) The developers team under ‘Nick Lee’ has designed and built a case that can run android os on iphone. Lee did this by modifying the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The android version running on the iphone is ‘Marshmallow’. He edited the Marshmallow codes to run it on the ios. As per the analysis of the newly designed iphone, it almost give same experience using a real iphone with their specially3D-printed case....

July 8, 2016