the [a-z] globbing cheatsheet

A simple cheatsheet that helps you to get started with globbing and regex. Download PDF: if you found this helpful and would like to donate, it will help me on future projects and keep doing better works towards our community. ❤️ DONATE:

January 19, 2021


Drive Link to pdf: To learn more bash tricks, my fav website is They have awesome examples too.

January 9, 2021

Discrete mathematics is awesome?

Yes, after an year, I finally decided to take Discrete mathematics again as a part of my university. Tbh, I didn’t really enjoy it when I came across it a year back. But, now I feel like it’s somehow helping me to think in a logical way. And, I also found a good playlist for learning it. If you ever want to jump in to this business, this will help ....

August 12, 2020

TA-1053 NOKIA Mini Flash guide

The way I did everything to Nokia TA-1053 Stock Android 7 Updated to Android 9 Downgraded to Android 7 (for bootloader unlocking) Upgraded to Android 9 (after unlocking) Flashed twrp (shitty thing I’ve ever done) Rooted with magisk. If your stock recovery is overwritten, sadly, you cannot install any OTA. Can’t you do ever? Well, yes you can. But, you have to; Downgrade to Stock (7.1) Unlock bootloader (if needed)...

July 31, 2020

Persistent start is important!

When I started blogging, I was changing my domain frequently. I wasn’t satisfied with any. Finally, I fixed to go with domain. And, I used it for very long time. Made few pages to promote that blog. I was passionate about blogging at that time more than now. For some reason, I couldn’t continue doing blogging. So, after very long time, here I’m am. Changed domain again to bensh4. I really liked this username and I sorta wanted to make this everywhere....

July 28, 2020

I learned not to run my nginx as root

I’m mostly using Android to do my daily stuffs than my laptop. But when I start to use laptop, I’ll rarely use my phone. 🙃 I was running nginx in Termux on port 80 some reason. Since SeLinux feature is set as permissive, it’s not stopping me from doing that. So to start server with that port, I must be root. So, I start nginx as root , which means now it has the role of root....

July 28, 2020

Generate HTML from DirTree!

This is so far the most convenient way for generating an output of your current directory free. I took the html file and made it as my http server index.html I’ll. It’s simple and elegant enough. tree -H YOURDIR -L 2OR3ORANY -C > file.html Video link Don’t forget to add the RSS

July 28, 2020

Thinking about leaving Twitter 🤔

It is now that I’m realising that there’s so much noise in Twitter. Still I’m staying in Twitter for some reason that I cannot explain. I can post my thoughts via this blog even if I leave that platform. But, I’m only thinking. But, I’ll leave one day for sure. Because, think for a while, “why do we need that platform?”. For sharing our thoughts and ideas? That’s why we can have our own blog....

July 28, 2020

What is WebDav | How to implement it in Android

After a very long time, yes I’m back. ;-) Here we’re going to discuss what is a ‘WebDav’ server and how you can implement a ‘WebDav’ server in your system too. Before starting let’s first have a look at what actually is WebDav. BTW, I’m not going to explain how wiki explains; but with my level of knowledge ;-) WebDav actually stands for ’ Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning.’ Well,what that means?...

July 23, 2018

Run Windows XP on android without Root

Welcome folks. This tutorial will show you ‘how to run Windows Xp on Android device without root. Normally running a Windows machine on Android is very complicated. But this tutorial will show you how you can easily run Windows machine on Android smoothly & safe. Prerequestie:- *Limbo APK :- *Windows ISO file:- *BLANK DISC:- Alternative link:- NOTE: If blank disc doesn’t have any file extension,then RENAME it to...

June 2, 2017